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Post by Crow A. on 2017-05-17, 2:23 pm

Real Name: [your real name]
In Game Name: [your ign]
Previous In-Game Names: [your previous ign's]
What I'm applying for: [the name of the rank]
Server: [say it here or just use the appropriate prefix when making this thread]
Current Ranks: [your current rank]
Country: [the country where you live]
Time Zone: [the time zone of your country]
Age: [how old are you?]
Do You Have a Recording Software? [yes or no]
Why Do I Want This Rank? [your own answer]
How Does Your Personality Affect The Server? [your own answer]
Have I Ever Had Experience As Staff? [your own answer]
How active will I be? [your own answer]
How Did I Find [your own answer]
Have You Ever Been Banned? If Yes, For What? [your own answer]
What do I kick for? [your own answer]
What do I temp ban for? [your own answer]
What do I ban for? [your own answer]
More about myself: [your own answer]

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it and please vote with +1 or -1 in the comments.
Thank you, [name]

Text marked with blue color has to be replaced.

All applications not using this template will be denied.
By applying you agree to have read the rules applying to the server you want to become a staff member on and you have the required age for that rank.
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